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Thursday, 26 August 2010

How deep is a bottomless pit?

Apparently it's 35 ft.

This is what I learnt the on my second reading of Choose Your Own Adventure. This time I decided to make some careless decisions which led to a far worse ending although I did meet an archaeologist called Dr. Dudley Crake who fell into the bottomless pit found a 19 century Japanese sword NOT the coverted silver sword. It ends with the sword becoming property of the state and us all going for dinner- although I haven't found out what we eat.

This reading was a lot less satisfactory than the first.


  1. wooo! thanks for the latest issue!
    love it!
    will send you some drawings soon, do you have the BFR with sweets on the cover?? I will send one to you if you don't

    love, barbara x

  2. thanks! yeah that'd be awesome, don't have that BFR. I'll email you my address. xx