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Tuesday, 24 August 2010

Green Volcano Man

I went to Green Man festival at the weekend and it was so awesome, that I decided to make some volcano links (as all awesome things are somehow linked to volcanoes). I have four (maybe slightly tenuous) links, I'll start with the least linked and work upwards to an amazing volcanic climax.

1. Beirut (New-Mexican Balkan folk band) who played on Friday and are pretty great have an E.P called Pompeii which was a town destroyed by a volcano.
2. Pompeii am Götterdämmerung is song by Flaming Lips, which I think was the penultimate one (it's all a bit of a glorious blur) and involved Wayne running around and hitting a big light up gong which was amazing. Götterdämmerung (twilight of the gods) is the last opera of Wagner's ring cycle and therefore pretty mental.

3. Ingrid Bergman a song originally by Woody Guthrie (I think) and covered by Billy Bragg on Saturday Night. It's about when Ingrid Bergman made the film Stromboli directed by Roberto Rossellini (which therefore produced Isabella- brilliant). The song uses the volcano as a symbol to metaphorically show their love. While she is one of the most beautiful women that ever lived, I'm not sure I could ever see her as volcanic (but I've never seen the film so what do I know?)

4 Last one, before I said this is the best links but actually it's probably the worst. Apparently the landscape around Abergavenny and Crickhowell, the site of the festival was crafted by a volcano in a prehistoric times. I can believe it as it was amazingly beautiful but I was told this by a boy who thinks a stoke is an animal.

Basically a pretty perfect weekend

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