Volcano Club

Volcano Club only offers one type of membership - and that's lifetime. To become a member send some volcanic themed work to the HQ (volcanoclubhq@gmail.com) and you might get a codename or some other cool shit.

Friday, 27 April 2012

Volcano the Bear

I like bears almost as much as volcanoes, I even have a bear necklace and no volcano necklaces (but that's cos I've never seen one, I'd pay a lot for one). But anyway here is a band called Volcano the Bear- don't know how much I like them, bit annoying which means my dad will probably like them, they are also from Leicester which means my dad will definitely like them. You can listen to them here on the Free Music Archive (which can only be a great thing). Also got another track for my Volcano Club compilation, sweet.

This bear lives on a volcano- I don't whether I'd prefer to be a bear or live on a volcano. Why choose?

Tuesday, 24 April 2012


This is going to be another Bjork post so I'm sorry, actually I'm not cos if you're not a Bjork fan THEN WHY THE FUCK ARE YOU READING MY BLOG? Right now that's out of the way let me get to the crux of the post which is that yesterday I watched a Bjork DVD and planned the next VCZ (I'm unemployed so I can do fun stuff like that). She was going on about Iceland and nature and volcanoes and all that cool shit and the song Joga uses volcanic beats which is pretty great. I'm struggling to find out exactly what that means, I think it means she did something very complicated involving recording volcanic beats. The album Homogenic which Joga is from is supposed to be sort of a return to Iceland so it's full of references to all that amazing landscape and Bjork wanted it to sound like "rough volcanoes with soft moss growing all over it..." Which you can see in the Michel Gondry directed vid. 

Also as I said I'm said I'm planning the next zine which is going to about the differences between eruption and dormancy but also how they are linked, how you need one for the other to exist so let me know if you've got any examples, Volcanic or otherwise. So I've got Melanie Hamilton Wilkes and Scarlett O'Hara, guess which is which?

Monday, 16 April 2012

I Am Mount Etna

I have decided to start my tweeting as Mount Etna exercise partly because I'm bored, partly because I have never tweeted, partly because I haven't done anything here for ages, partly because Etna's erupting and partly because no one has told me it's a dreadful idea. But the problem is how much to personify Etna as I generally hate the anthropomorphising of volcanoes so I worry that I will become the knife that stabs my own back like Charlie Brooker Pizza Cutter. Etna is a good choice to tweet as she (see I'm already doing it) erupts all the fucking time and gets quite a lot of press for it. Tweeting as an ever erupting volcano a la Kilauea would be dull, a never erupting volcano a la Fuji would be equally dull. I think the advantage of tweeting will be that there are lots of really cool Etna videos so that'll be fun for everyone to watch, when I say everyone I mean Volcano Club members when I say Volcano Club members I mean about 3 people. Also I might be quite fun to see what kind of personality me as Mount Etna emerges as and whether or not me and Etna are deeply linked, I'd like to think so.

Already out as a Prince fan #(with a silent h) awesome.
This is probably how you get to said twitter account