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Wednesday, 11 August 2010

Boris and Cinder Cones

I just read the Choose Your Own Adventure book through for the first time and completed it. Which while amazing, did involve beating criminals and I got the silver sword, it was a lot quicker than I was expecting- this either shows my aptitude for dealing with volcanic situations or the fact that the book is aimed at ten year olds. In my next run through I'll be sure to make some foolish decisions.
Here is an extract from the climax of today's adventure

"What's going on up there?" someone shouts from inside the cinder cone. "Get us out of here! Hey Boris!"
"And we caught some pretty serious criminals" Jon adds, smiling "The police will glad to see these guys- and all that counterfeit money."
"I'll stay here and guard Fatso" you say "You go get help"
Jon gallops off on Hana. You sit in the shade holding the Silver Sword, never taking your eyes off Boris.

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