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Wednesday, 1 September 2010

Volcano of the Week #5- Mount Sinabung

It's been awhile and this is more an eruption of the week but Volcano of the Week is a great feature. The Indonesian volcano Mount Sinabung erupted this Sunday, the most remarkable feature of this is that the Sumatran volcano had previously been dormant for approx 4000 years. Mount Sinabung is stratovolcano located in the Ring of Fire, it is 2,460m high. As the volcano is not extensively monitored (like the decade volcanoes) and it has been inactive for so long, little is known about the full and potential aftermath of the eruption. However there was sufficient time to evacuate residents from the area and into shelters. While like the Eyjafallajoekull eruption this is eruption is small in global and historical scales, it has caused a large amount of destruction the area. The evacuation of the area will probably last at least a week and crops will be ruined causing even more upheaval in a country which is already so poor. Just another reminder of natures strength and power.

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