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Friday, 10 April 2015

Volcano Songs

For ages now I've wanted to make a Volcano Club playlist/mixtape/CD or something of that ilk. Sometimes I do find songs that I put on the blog and people often send me volcanic tunes however due to a popular music streaming service I can now compile a playlist as I find songs and then release it when it's big/good enough. So far I have 6 songs, and only one is by Bjork, a general stipulation of playlists that you are only allowed one song per artist, although obviously Prince, Prince & the Revolution and Prince & the New Power Generation are all different artists sadly I haven't actually found any Prince volcanoes song but don't worry I will. I also can't decide whether or not the songs have to be about volcanoes or can just be by bands with volcano in the name - which really widens the subject but may make the playlist less volcanic

Here is the list of the first six songs
1. Volcano - Beck
2. Volcano - Jimmy Buffett
3. Vesuvius - Sufjan Stevens
4. Java Girl - East of Underground
5. Take Me Back Again - Volcanoes
6. Mutual Core - Bjork

So send me more songs and I'll make a really good playlist and post it at some point. 

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