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Tuesday, 21 April 2015

Volcanic Perspective

I've been looking lots of different ways of using perspective, often my favourite paintings are quite flat and place things in almost impossible positions. Examples of this are these two paintings, one from the David Collection of Islamic Art in Copenhagen and, on the volcano front a Hiroshima street scene.

In both of these paintings I like the way that your eye is drawn to the stuff in the background. In the case of the volcano it really makes it stand out and seem important giving an idea of what it is must be like living close to such as massive volcano. Pop-up books and paper dioramas are another way of using this flat layering technique, like the end bit of 'The Jolly Postman' which sadly I can't find a good picture of. Here are some examples of Volcano diorama things, all I which I used to own and have now misplaced. The top two are a Hokusai paintings and was part of a kit, the bottom one I made all on my own (impressive right). Volcano diorama things work well as the volcano can still be really fucking big and in the background which generally volcanoes are. 

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