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Thursday, 23 April 2015

Volcano of the Week #28 - Calbuco

I appear to now to be doing the series about Chilean volcanoes that I said I would write for my friend as she was travelling there. The timing is obviously very apt as she has now left Chile so this will all be really useful travel information. I do keep having to write about volcanoes in Chile as they keep fucking erupting, which may or may not be down to her visit, causing volcanic eruptions would be a great superpower. The latest volcano to erupt is Calbuco in the South which is one of the country's most eruptive volcanoes and there was a very large eruption in 1893. This recent eruption has caused evacuations and flight cancellations and is the first major eruption in over 30 years. There are loads of amazing photos of the eruption which everyone has probably seen already. 

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