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Sunday, 14 August 2011

Design a Volcano Stamp!

For the new zine which will be travel based I am going to include some volcano stamps. I have previously written about real volcano stamps here. But I thought it would be cool for people to design volcano stamps. I would put this out as a competition and offer to make the best one but the royal mail ones are shit as you have to have a real stamp next to it and they are all gross so that seems a bit pointless but if you do want to make stamps  here is how. Also doing a competition would promote elitism which at Volcano Club we are against.
Here are my first two stamp designs.

Hopefully you will be suitably inspired to make a volcano stamp if so email to me at augusta.ward@hotmail.co.uk. Just remember that stamps are only about 2.5cm tall so don't write really tiny text on it or anything. If you have anything else to contribute to the travel based issue then email that to me. 

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