Volcano Club

Volcano Club only offers one type of membership - and that's lifetime. To become a member send some volcanic themed work to the HQ (volcanoclubhq@gmail.com) and you might get a codename or some other cool shit.

Saturday, 11 June 2011


My Daddy sent me a picture of a volcano stamp which lead me to search for more images of volcano stamps. Which obviously there are countless of as so many countries have volcanoes and are such big features of their landscapes. I love the Lesotho stamp which has a lovely scientific diagram, Iceland and Japan being so great have countless volcano stamps.

 Sadly there doesn't seem to be enough to warrant having a volcano stamp album but maybe I can make some.


  1. gussy! deffo start making your own stamps - the ryan's will buy some!

    can you send me a blank email to barbarafr@hotmail.co.uk
    then I can send you the details for this zine exhibition I'm putting on ... I really want volcano club to be in it! xx

  2. hey, hope Uppsala was good. Did you see these fab photos ?


  3. o great - unclickable link....

  4. Barbara- I may have to make some stamps, would be a great free gift with zine! I have just emailed you, sorry didn't do so earlier but have been in Sweden, really want to be in exhibition, sounds awesome!
    Yes have seen those photo's they are pretty great. I've sort of missed out on the whole Chile eruption, will have to catch up!

  5. A volcano stamp rates on the excitement scales with a kitkat chunky, a cheddar cheese and marmalade sandwich, spending all loose change and eating pudding for breakfast. Oh and Gussy this is my other blog by the way, love Katy P