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Monday, 22 August 2011

Stamps and Not Stamps.

This time last year I wrote a post about all the volcano related things at Green Man Festival, after my return this year I only saw one volcano related thing at the entire festival- WTF? This was during the singalongwickerman screening, which is where you watch The Wicker Man but you get hymn books, sweets and learn the dance to the maypole song. So anyway Lord Summerisle says his grandfather settled on the Scottish island because of its rich volcanic soils, he then set up a lifestyle of paganism and debauchery (which has always looked like a lot of fun). I'll stop writing about The Wicker Man as it's not really relevant but I have also received more evidence of Scottish volcanoes; which are from my mother and her sister- too freaky to be a coincidence?! 
My Mummy's Stamp Design. I now have England and Scotland so it would be great if someone wants to make a Wales or Ireland stamp or wants to contribute any other stamps. Please email me some, I'm too lazy to make my own zines.
My Aunt found this on a beach on Shetland Islands.

In non Scottish Volcano news - I know it's hard to believe there could be some. 

Here is Isaac's volcano stamp- it's based on a book cover apparently.

I have also been asked if this scenario is possible. While it is not something that one would find in the wild, I say that it would be possible to create using a towel, lots of petals and a very powerful hair dryer. Alternatively you could use photoshop, although as we know - Photoshopping adverts is bad!

I think that's all my volcanic news for now, but there's exciting stuff in the magma chamber (or pipeline for non-volcano geeks). I have read this through but I'm very tired so would like to apologise in advance to my editor and readers. 

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