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Sunday, 7 August 2011

This weeks eruptions.

I did one of these posts ages ago and it was quite fun so I thought I'd do another one. I also saw a lovely picture of Etna but can't be bothered to write a whole post about it.

Here is a map displaying ALL the volcanoes erupting in the world this week.

1. Cleveland, Chuginadak, Alaska. Sarah Palin lives in Alaska, I'm not advocating the use of volcanic eruptions to take out politicians but it would solve a lot of problems. This is one of Alaska's biggest and most active volcanoes.

2. Etna, Sicily, Italy. Yay Etna's erupting again, it's a Strombolian eruption and fairly chilled. Here's a lovely picture of the volcano.

3. Marapi, Sumatra, Indonesia. Marapi is an Indonesian stratovolcano not to be confused with Merapi (which I have done on the map but they are in pretty much the same place).

4. Poas, Costa Rica. Poas is one of the most active volcanoes in Costa Rica and has a lovely lake

5. Rabaul, New Britain, Papua New Guinea. White vapour, dull incandescene, an ash explosion and slow rising grey ash plumes has been seen from the volcano. I don't have a lot to say about this one.

6. Stromboli, Aeolian Islands, Italy. The eruption was probably Strombolian, I don't think that Stromboli has ever been volcano of the week, I quite like it but I do need to see the film so my plan for the week is watching Stromboli and featuring it as volcano of the week.

7. Karymsky, Russia. The eruption was Vulcanian or Vulcanian-Strombolian, Here's a lovely volcano and a really lovely house, it's been volcano of the week if you're interested then read that or find something thats actually factually correct.

8. Kilauea, Hawaii, USA. I mean it's always erutping but obviously I have to feature it on the list. There has been a lot of lava lake activity recently and there was the rift zone collapse which is pretty beautiful. I did see a nice video of it erupting on the guardian which you can search for if you care, this is very lazy posting but there are lots of pretty pictures.
9. Kizimen, Russia. This is another Kamchatka Penisula volcano, which is the region where there are the most active volcanoes in the world which is pretty cool. The summit consists of overlapping lava domes and blocky lava flows. The peak was formed by four eruptive cycles.

10. Puyehue-Cordon Caulle, Chile. This volcano is pretty active and I can't quite be bothered to write about it.

11.Sakura-Jima, Kyushu, Japan. The volcano's formation began 13,000 years ago, the island joined the Osumi Penisula in 1914. I've just finished painting a series of volcano watercolours (which will feature on here v soon, I'm quite excited about them) but anyway I keep seeing other really lovely volcano picture which I wish I'd done paintings like.

12. Shiveluch, Russia. On my blog feed thingy I get the reports of all the volcanoes that are currently erupting (which is what I've based this post on) and there are always loads in the Kamatchsky Penisula, I've written about it before but I do find it amazing that there are so many volcanoes in Russia. This is one of the largest and most active.

This website is just fantastic and has real volcano facts.

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