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Monday, 3 January 2011

Boxcano, Bookcanos, Happy New Yearcanos

Unsurprisingly I got a lot of volcano related products for Christmas (and have since bought myself some) and as there are technically three days left of the festive period I should probably share them before it gets too late.
Firstly this beautiful diorama showing 2 scenes of Mount Fuji was a late present from Isaac and is actually really really difficult to make but it was time well spent. It's actually so great that I'm thinking of replacing my TV with this boxcano.

This picture of the instructions shouldn't fool anyone into thinking it is at all easy to make. http://tatebanko.com/products/index.html Here is a link to the website for the kit makers- Tatebanko, it is apparently an ancient Japanese art (what isn't) the range includes Hello Kitty, The Scream, The Persistence of Memory and lots of other very Japanese things.
The second volpresento, also Japanese themed, is my new Taschen diary showing 'Famous Visions of Edo'. Edo is the former name for Tokyo and presumably the volcano depicted in many of these is also Mount Fuji. 

These are some of my favourite pictures, obviously I only included the ones with volcanoes in. There is a lovely reminder for everyone of what I'll be doing this week and if anyone wants to give me a job, preferably in a volcanic field (though that may be a little dangerous), that'd be great. 

My favourite new bookcano is the present I bought myself, which is 'Earth on Fire' by Bernhard Edmaier which is full of truly amazing volcano photographs and really great information. I won't write too much about the book as I'm sure I'll will reference it many times. 
These are two of my favourite pictures from the book and are of Mount St Helens, Washington and Nyamulagira, Democratic Republic of Congo and they inspired to do this volcano painting, I am aware that the heat energy of the eruption would probably melt the snow but I thought it would look pretty. 
Happy New Year!

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