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Tuesday, 28 December 2010


Following on from the most recent issue, here are pictures of people who look like volcanoes. Let me know if you have any more.
Cyndi Lauper- I'll try and stop going on about much I love her- but look how cool she is!
Little My- should also probably stop going on about how much I love Moomins, her temper adds to her volcanicity and apparently I look like her, may also be due to grumpiness. 
Sideshow Bob- hair is the main way in which a person can resemble a volcano
Amy Winehouse- many reasons for this one
James Dean- smoking enhances a volcano likeness (see above), a personal style icon and the reason why I carry a comb in my pocket.
Brian Blessed- looks and acts like a volcano
Louis Saha- people say this hairstyle was a mistake but the poor boy was just trying to look like a volcano.
Bjork- like many on this list, I just really love her
Steve Bruce- pre eruption
Gerard Depardieu- crater nose
Regan McNeil- is her name, vomit is a bit like lava I suppose. 

So in conclusion most people don't look that much like volcanoes but this has been a very welcome opportunity to tell people how great Cyndi, Little My, James Dean and Bjork are.

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