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Wednesday, 22 December 2010

Charley Harper Volcano

I had a lot of time to kill yesterday and I went to the bookshop Magma (I'm only mentioning the name because magma is what's in a volcano so it was kinda like I was actually inside a volcano, which was obviously very enjoyable). Looking through one of my favourite books 'Charley Harper, An Illustrated Life' - which I may or may not be getting for Christmas, I saw an incredibly beautiful volcano which mainly shows the volcano gases. I think it's from the Giant Book of Biology or something similar which is full of brilliant illustrations that are also scientifically accurate.

Google search found this pretty Charley Harper cool poster of Hawaii volcanoes. 

Next Volcano Club Issue will be out on Christmas Eve (two days) so if I see you around the Christmas period you will probably get a copy as a present, if I don't you can probably still have one.

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