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Monday, 17 January 2011

Volcano Flag

As I am now unemployed I thought that learning all the flags of the world would be a good use of time, so far I've got Europe, South America and North America down. Think Africa will be the hardest although the rise of African football teams should make this a bit better, sporcle is obviously the main facilitator of this quest. So I began thinking that it would be great if a flag had a volcano on as picture flags (Lebanon, Sri Lanka) are often the best. I did find a great flag, it is the unofficial flag for Reunion, a French island in the Indian Ocean, which I have written about before.
 The official Reunion flag also has a volcano on but its shit. This flag was created through a competition run by the French Society of Vexillology (flag study) so they obviously agree the official one is shit.

 Also Etna's erupting again, following many conversations at the pub over the weekend, I've realised I don't know much about Etna, which I'll rectify soon.

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  1. Can I try and design a volcano flag? I am a big mountain fan and this is teaching me a whole lot about volcanoes!

  2. yes that'd be awesome. well a mountain is simply a very dormant volcano as the old saying goes! also i have now learnt all the flags of the world