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Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Volcano Poster

Found this amazing volcano poster in Copenhagen, so our little flat is starting to look at lot more volcanic and homely. But it's pretty hard to make up for the 6 years of crap I had accumulated in Manchester, ESPECIALLY all the volcano stuff. But it's probably a lot worse to stay somewhere just cos you have some shit volcanoes made out of origami and old records. 

Poster also has some really cool volcano facts on it so I can learn more about volcanoes while cooking

Should do a proper post soon especially as I think Etna has been doing stuff, I should also probably tweet about it since I'm meant to be Etna on there. Maybe I'll look into and write something, maybe I'll do some actual work for my masters or maybe I'll watch series 3 of the wire. I'm also thinking of drawing a world map with volcanoes, forests and other cool shit marked on a bit like the one below but better. So that's some fun volcano based stuff for the future, there's also the impending supervolcano that will probably erupt pretty soon and destroy the world, I'll definitely write about that if it happens.

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