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Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Cool shit from the internet

I've had a week off university and I was planning on using this time to do loads of really awesome shit. Like travelling to places in South Sweden I haven't been to yet, looking for summer work, doing loads of painting and blogging and generally being a productive member of society. Predictably I have actually used the time to sit around, drink gin, play Chinese Checkers, go to the park and then realise it's not quite warm enough to sit outside, work on my new look (Audrey Horne/ Veronica from Heathers) and finish watching the Wire. I know that all of this has nothing to do with volcanoes but I'm coming to that, obviously all this sitting around has meant a lot of time reading crap on the internet and I have found some cool volcano shit.

found this map (which I think is a direct copy of the above map that I made) on I Love Charts which is a really good tumblr if you do love charts, if not its probably crap but then if you don't love charts you're probably a massive loser. Then I found this Volcano Pintrest proving that Pintrest isn't just full of dream weddings, cupcakes and vomit. Anyway it's really cool I was thinking of doing something similar but then couldn't bear to join Pintrest I think it's the name. I've also been trying to be bothered to use my Etna Twitter but as someone said to me yesterday I can't be expected to tweet and erupt.

Here are some pretty pictures of Etna's recent eruptions

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