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Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Volcano Mural

Here is a picture of the really cool volcano mural that me and Isaac did in our old room, Isaac actually did most of it. You can even see it in the design process, actually we never finished it cos we had to move out, but you do get to see some of our mess which is always lovely. We were going to paint a little boat in the sea (which you might be able to see drawn on) and some blossom on the branches. I wanted it to be like a lovely Japanese volcano painting so it's quite bold, sad we never got to finish it cos I think it's quite nice.

Then we lived here for about a week which was fun cos it was like being in some sort of crack den minus the crack. The candles and large bed are for warmth and you get to see more of our mess (other people did contribute to this mess). 

Think we will have to do some more volcano decoration in this flat but painting on the wall would probably go down less well. So might have to resort to the old painting on cardboard ways. Sorry for neglecting this blog recently but ya know I am trying to study for a masters and I was homeless for a bit and it was christmas and actually think that's all the excuses I've got. But I'll try and be much more blog active in 2013, which is one of new years resolutions, I've now got about 10. 

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