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Friday, 5 October 2012

Volcano Tattoos

I need to go to the booze shop (which in Sweden is a major planning operation) but it's raining so I'm looking  at crap on the internet. One thing I really love are really large, really realistic tattoo like when people get a photo of their dog tattooed on their chest, excluding all the other issues with this, surely your dog would find it pretty scary. But I have actually recently seen a photograph of a tattoo better than a dog's face (I know hard to imagine) but brace yourself

you better be bracing

What a beautiful sentiment. On every level this is so weird. here are some more.

But seeing this has made me realise that there literally has to be some people with really amazing volcano tattoos. If people want dog's faces, Pat Butcher or all that other weird shit there must be people with volcano tattoos. Because, lets face it volcano people are weird, I should know. As always Google did not disappoint me.

These three of my faves but there are a lot lot more and I suppose if you want to get a tattoo of something, then a volcano is as good as anything. But even as much as I love volcanoes I still don't want one permanently etched into my skin, this probably has more to do my views on tattoos than volcanoes. I can't ever imagine wanting anything permanently etched onto my skin, I can't even wear earrings for an entire evening, maybe this would be different if I had volcano earrings.   

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