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Volcano Club only offers one type of membership - and that's lifetime. To become a member send some volcanic themed work to the HQ (volcanoclubhq@gmail.com) and you might get a codename or some other cool shit.

Tuesday, 2 October 2012

I'm in a interview (where I get called a genius)

which is very exciting especially as there is nothing that makes you sound cooler than saying 'I've just moved to Sweden' well it either makes you sound cool or like a complete dick. I'm probably only a minor dick. But anyway when the shop is up and running there will be some volcano club zines sold, the one I did ages ago, with the free poster. It's an online shop called DEREKS which will sell other cool stuff. I am still planning to make another zine soon but stuff keeps distracting me which is the nature of volcanoes really (not that they get distracted, that they are unpredictable apart from really dormant or really active ones). I wish I had time to write a better post maybe even one about volcanoes but I have to write about spruce silviculture instead.

Here is the interview

here is said map that is free with said zine issue that is being sold at said shop. (said has now lost all meaning)

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  1. The combination of genius and a interview can not be accidental, I think most geniuses have trouble with their spelling so I'll leave that one in.