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Thursday, 20 September 2012

Celebrity Volcanoes

So apparently Katy Perry has climbed a volcano which in itself is quite dull news, mainly as it's about K Pezza, who lets face it is pretty dull. Also a moron as she doesn't even say which volcano she has climbed thinking that she is more interesting than volcanoes. Very few people are more interesting than volcanoes, actually I can't think of a single person but interest is quite hard to quantify so maybe some people don't find volcanoes interesting, but they would be mental. But this fact about Katy got me wondering if there were any other celebrities who were into volcanoes. The first thing I found was an article about throwing Chris Brown into a volcano which would obviously ruin an otherwise good volcano. So far I'm really not enjoying the mix of douches and volcanoes, imagine douching a volcano that would be really gross. But have actually found the celebrity volcano post that I have been looking for which is about a celebrity volcano poetry slam which in my mind definitely happened. I think it was an Eyjafjallajoekull response thing, the poems are about the same quality as my volcano poetry, maybe I'll write some more soon. Sting is a massive twat.

It's really hard to find good celebrity volcano pictures

I'll write a better post soon, maybe some volcano poetry or maybe about the volcano in Guatemala that has erupted as that would actually be volcano news. Or maybe I'll find something volcanic in Sweden but that seems quite unlikely it's a pretty unvolcanic place. 

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