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Friday, 30 March 2012

Werner Herzolcano (he should def call the film that)

This post is again going to be me going on about how excited I am about a volcanic project but this REALLY IS EXCITING! Werner Herzog's next film is going to be a VOLCANO DOCUMENTARY!!! (you can tell I'm really excited by the amount of caps and exclamation marks I'm using). Really I don't know why I'm that excited it's not very surprising as I'm sure by now everyone has worked out that everything great is linked to volcanoes however tenuous that link may be. It's also not that surprising as there is something quite volcanic about Herzog's films anyway, it might be that they often have a sense of waiting, of something building up which can be a bit like a cano. There is also the obvious amazing cinematic quality of volcanoes and man vs nature which both crop up Herzog's film all the facking time (I should know I did my AS level German oral exam on Herzog and my teacher hadn't even heard of him- what a loser!). Actually it turns out that he has already directed a film about a volcano erupting on Guadeloupe, the focus was on the inhabitants that refused to leave and their views on death and the volcano. The film is only 30 mins long, I will try and get hold of  a copy. 

I'd have to agree

Here's a video of him talking about volcanoes (I didn't really watch it, I was a bit distracted by the Wizard of Oz because because because etc...)

This shows the lovely cinematic quality of volcanoes- as always there are loads of volcanoes erupting at the moment I'll write about them soon. 

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