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Monday, 19 March 2012

Risk Registers and Doctor Who

A massive volcanic eruption has been added to the UK national risk register, which already includes pandemic flu, flooding and terrorism. The particular worry is an Icelandic Laki style eruption which will produce large toxic gas clouds, the eruption in 1783 caused death and crop failure. While this clearly is a worry it is however more surprising that space war is not included on the risk register. As someone who has watched loads of Doctor Who episodes I can tell you that in the 21st century space war is a much bigger threat than volcanic eruptions. As in all the episodes I have watched there have been countless wars with the sycorax, sliltheen, tocloafane, daleks, cybermen, bat creatures, etc and only one volcanic eruption. And that volcanic eruption was Vesuvius, the 79AD one which clearly isn't a threat any more. I can't remember that episode too well at the moment as I've just watched the previous series, so should watch it soon and will let you know if it's still a threat. So either the government is lying to us about the real risks or Doctor Who needs to be more accurate and anyone who has seen the spaceship/ 18th century France episode (my favourite) will tell you that it is not. So I think in conclusion more Doctor Who episodes should feature more volcanoes although it's really not the same without lovely David Tennant.

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