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Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Roxy Oxy-Moron plagiarism

Among the things that have happened in my life recently, I have joined twitter, more about my twittering later. But the reason I joined twitter is so I can follow volcanologists and see links to volcanic articles, which is working pretty well at the moment so much so that I might have to start writing about serious volcano things (but not yet). Today I saw this amazing link, the restaurant was built in the 70s and must have been stolen from Simmer and Devour. As you can see below the issue featured the Gods cooking with volcanoes and a feature by Roxy Oxy-Moron from 1933 about the Hawaiian cooking method. So I really want to go to Lanzarote and I'm not sure whether to sue the restaurant or just eat there. 

Now back to my twittering (delib mistake), I haven't actually done any yet but I think I might start posting as Mount Etna or another fairly active volcano. I'll decide if I can be bothered later in the week. Another consequence of me joining twitter is that I now like Joey Barton and I used to hate him which is good. But I think I need to follow someone other than volcanologists and Barton as it's a bit weird. 

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