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Friday, 3 February 2012

More Volcano Lovers

Have just found the most amazing volcano blog, which has really up to date information on ALL THE ERUPTIONS. It also has a twitter feed which has almost made me want to join twitter but only almost as if I join I will inevitably start posting facts about my life then everyone will know how boring and unfulfilled my life is (if you can't already tell). Here's a roundup of what's new in volcanoes, you could just read the blog but personally I like having stuff retold so many times that it becomes meaningless. 1. Someone else loves volcanoes! 2. There probably won't be a supervolcanic eruption soon. 3. Lots of volcanoes are erupting all the time. 4. Volcanoes in Space. Maybe I should make friends with the person who writes this blog, it's probably better than mine, although I haven't seen any volcano jokes or anything about volcanoes in popular culture.
Is this funny?

P.S If you search for volcanoes in popular culture you get loads of links for volcano club!

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