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Wednesday, 18 January 2012

A Still Volcano Life

I wanted to write a post today but wikipedia is down so there is little I can write about. It's due to the SOPA, PIPA thing (which I can't quite be bothered to understand/ care about but I am aware it's very important) so there is little I can write about. So I'm going to put up a lovely volcano poem by Emily Dickinson, it's not really about volcanoes just mentions them. It was in the Love, Lust and Lava zine so a few people might have read it already.

A still—Volcano—Life—
That flickered in the night—
When it was dark enough to do
Without erasing sight—

A quiet—Earthquake Style—
Too subtle to suspect
By natures this side Naples—
The North cannot detect

The Solemn—Torrid—Symbol—
The lips that never lie—
Whose hissing Corals part—and shut—
And Cities—ooze away— 

Obviously I can't find out anything about it from wikipedia but I like the quiet depressing tone. Apparantely some more Emily Dickinson poems mention volcanoes especially Vesuvius, wish I could find out about them, I miss wikipedia. 

And here is a lovely picture of Santa Ana in El Salvador.

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