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Wednesday, 4 January 2012

End of the World

Now as much as I hate using the Daily Mail as a source, I am about to, which is because I think I have found the cause of the 2012 apocalypse (I think you need to name apocalypses by year because they are so frequently predicted that otherwise everyone would just get them confused). But anyway the cause of the end of the world will be a supervolcano under a lake near Bonn called the Laacher See Volcano and at the very least it would cause flight devastation all over Europe. The volcano last erupted ages ago and the lake produces carbon dioxide so it's due to erupt soon. The eruption is predicted to be around the same size as the Pinatubo eruption in 1991 although if the volcano is going to cause the apocalypse it will have to be bigger than that one, which was a VEI of 6.

To apologise for the awfulness of this post, here's an apocalypse related tip, if you ever need to perform Apocalypse Now in charades then break it down into syllables as Apple-Lips Now.

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