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Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Deep Sea Sulphur

I have always been fascinated by deep sea sulphur vents that are powered by volcanoes and are therefore incredible. However incredibly life has been found in these regions which can reach 400 degrees Celsius, have absolutely no sunlight and high sulphur content. This has completely challenged the way that scientists think about life and dispelled that fact that sunlight is always needed for life on earth and that organisms can use entirely different metabolic pathways which gives us an insight into all the amazing and weird ways that life could form. It also reminds us of how little we do know about life especially in the depths of the ocean and also the insignificance of man, readers of this blog will know I find this very comforting (another blog theme is that it could give an insight into life on other planets). These creatures have been found near Antarctica here is an article and some pictures.

 Yeti Crab
Pale Octopus not to be confused with Paul the Octopus (who I fucking love)

I have been posting a lot recently and I have just finished reading The Volcano Lover so I also need to write about that which I'll do when I'm feeling less ill. 

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