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Thursday, 29 September 2011

Krakatoa, East of Java

There are times when you see the title of something on iplayer and think wow I have to watch/listen to that. Obviously this happened to me with Krakatoa, East of Java which according to the BBC 

"Adventure film. Nineteenth-century treasure seekers head for the Dutch East Indies, where the greatest volcanic eruption on record is about to destroy most of the island of Krakatoa. The ship's captain sets sail with a crew that includes a group of convicts and his mistress, who knows the whereabouts of the sunken treasure, though her real concern is her young son, lost somewhere in the doomed region." According to Halliwells

"Mindless spectacular, technically quite impressive but with no dramatic interest whatsoever. (Krakatoa is actually West of Java)"  

and gives it no stars which I think is pretty harsh. There was loads to like about the film; some great songs, a bit where loads of convicts get hosed off the ship, an old diver with knackered lungs going on laudanum infused frenzies, a balloon falling into a caldera, lots of diving and a volcano. There was a slightly boring bit a the end where they are trying to ride out a tidal wave but it only went on for about 10 minutes. It was a lot better than The Perfect Storm, which is possibly the worst film ever made and I wasted time watching in the cinema when I could have been watching something good like Stuart Little which is a great film on so many levels. Here is the trailer which is worth watching just for the song which is definitely going on the Volcano Club CD, which I am actually planning on making, I'm not just saying it for comic effect (actually maybe I'll make a mix tape)

The film will be on iplayer for another few days if you want to watch a cinematic masterpiece. 

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