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Saturday, 24 September 2011

In Our Volcano

Sorry for my recent inactivity, it is not because I'm losing my love of volcanoes quite the contrary, it's because I'm so busy working on the new zine that all my volcanic energy is going into that. As if a new fissure vent has been opened and the normal caldera is quiet while the newly opened vent is streaming with lava. I hope everyone enjoyed that volcanic simile. However I have just listened to a very good episode of In Our Time about volcanoes - obviously, I find the bits about monitoring volcanoes really interesting especially with respect to where they are monitored and this correlating to places with lots of money whereas the big dangerous ones are barely monitored and likely to erupt.
I also submitted a wall to Only Connect so if you, as I hope you all do, are playing online and you see a wall with lots of volcanoes and Ingrid Bergman films in then I made it. My friend Jiff who sent me the link to In Our Time is now waiting for types of eruption to come up on Only Connect.
Finally here is the film teaser for the exhibition at Salford Zine Library that Volcano Club will be in, it's in October so that should be fun.
This post is very rushed, but it should give blog editor a lot to do!

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