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Friday, 25 February 2011

Volcanoes erupt all the time

Seeing as I'm ill in bed, I thought I'd write a list of every volcano that is erupting this week and put together a poorly constructed map. This is mainly for my own amusement, but if it's popular (doubtful) then I could make a new feature of it,  because I am very good at keeping up weekly features.

1. Etna- a very popular volcano, it's Strombolian at the moment
2. Fuego- it's in Guatemala, close to the capital Antigua and erupts all the time. Fuego means fire, a pretty unimaginative name for a volcano
3. Kirishima- in Kyushu, Japan, think this is the same eruption as Shinmoe-Dake, which I've already written about so if you're actually interested read that.
4. Santa Maria- also in Guatemala, my dreadful map is getting very confused especially as my Central American geography is dreadful. Another really original volcano name.
5. Stromboli- another massively popular Italian volcano, I still really need to see that film.

If you are beginning to think that the order of these volcanoes is a bit odd, then you'd be right, but it's the order on the Global Volcanism Program website. Those five volcanoes are new eruptions, these next lot have been going on ages.

6. Bulusan. Luzon, Philippines, quite a large eruption on 21st Feb which caused around 2,000 to be evacuated.
7. Dukuno, A very active Indonesian volcano on one of its not so active islands Halmahera.
8. Karymsky, One of my favcanoes on the Kamchatka Peninsula, Russia, the place with the most active volcanoes in the world aka shitloads
9. Kilauea, Hawaii, USA. It's probably very shallow of me but I do think Hawaiian volcanoes are pretty boring. Although Hawaii really is in the middle of nowhere
10. Kizimen, another Kamchatka Peninsula one, as I said shitloads of volcanoes there. This volcano is similar to Mount St Helens
11. Planchon-Peteroa. on the Chile-Argentine border, not a very explosive eruption
12. Sakura-Jima, Kyushu again, a very active volcano
13. Sheveluch, Kamchatka- one of the largest and most active volcanoes in the region (luckily for me the last one there erupting otherwise my map would look truly awful)
14. Soufriere Hills, Montserrat. Which is a British Overseas Territory near Antigua and Barbuda. There was an interview in the guardian with a guy from there and I thought that it couldn't be a real country because I didn't know it's flag. But anyway there's a volcano there.
15. Tengger Caldera, Eastern Java. Alert level 3 (whatever that means)

There's a list of all erupting volcanoes (although there may be some more rubbish ones in Hawaii or somewhere)

A dreadful map, you can tell I did it on paint because its got a stupid border round it (and its shit) 
Sorry about the quality of the post but I am ill.
I'd also once again like to state my love for the Global Volcanism Project website http://www.volcano.si.edu

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