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Sunday, 26 October 2014

I've got a new a computer and it's really fucking exciting

As the title may suggest - I've got a new computer because I have been led to believe that the point of having one of those job things is that you can get money to buy cool shit like computers- which is pretty much what I've done. So far since having the computer all I've done is watch football and I'm really gonna try to not just use it as a TV and radio hence this post. This post is based on cool shit from the internet, which I can now see through the beauty of my lovely computer. First is this, which is basically really great photos and everyone loves a good volcano picture. I think this Etna one is my fave.

I've also been looking at this website which I have seen before but it has loads of volcano holidays which I want to go on. This is especially relevant as me and my family are semi-seriously talking about going on a holiday, obviously this has massive potential to be fucking horrendous and in my vast experience the way to make something not fucking horrendous is to involve shit loads of volcanoes. As my parents are some of the few people who actually read this I think that we should all go on a round the world volcano tour which coasts under €9000, basically a bargain. Any volcanic holiday would obviously be good but a round the world one would be my first preference. Now I'm pretty sure I've got some episodes of the archers and pointless to catch up on. 

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