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Wednesday, 1 October 2014

Encyclopaedia Plates

These plates were taken from an old set of national encyclopaedias which are full of amazing pictures. Obviously the main reason for keeping encyclopaedias is for the pictures, I have 14 volumes with all the text taken out (cos who can be bothered reading) as well as all the plates from a children's encyclopaedia including shit loads of colour ones. I really want to make something with them but it's quite hard to think of stuff to make where paper is the best material to use, I did make a wallet but predictably it fell apart. But I will try and preserve these ones for scientific interest, I use the term scientific very loosely.

I really like the bottom left picture here, it looks like some kinda sci-film set. As you may be able to tell from other recent posts, I'm really into geological profiles at the moment. 

 I really hope that railway still exists.

 This is my favourite page, I particularly like the bay of naples.

Really like the paths of lava shown here but 'Dykes of Slaggy Lava' - way harsh, Tai. 

It's really nice seeing little things like this which remind me why I like volcanoes so much and make me want to write blog posts and stuff which I've been neglecting a lot recently. That's the great thing about volcanoes that are linked to pretty much everything so I'm always seeing interesting things like this. 

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