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Wednesday, 15 January 2014

Volcano Top Trumps

One of the things I said I would write about is Volcano Top Trumps which are pretty amazing and my only volcano related Christmas present and therefore the best (thanks Paul!). As you may know/have guessed/deduced I am a massive top trump lover. Football top trumps were previously my favourite because of the great stats, I think I have 7 packs; Arsenal, Man Utd, Liverpool, Chelsea, World Stars, European Stars and Legends (if you're interested). I actually have a top trump card where 2014 Ballon D'or winner Christiano Ronaldo (to use his full title) has no Utd goals or int. caps, probably a great collectors item that's now worth a lot of fucking money. What is really fun with the football top trumps is you can combine packs so either have a really really massive game or people start with different teams which is a bit like a football match, if football was judged purely on facts like height and the year of birth. Lord of the Rings Top Trumps are also great, the main object here was obviously to keep Aragorn for as long as possible/ get all 3 Aragorn cards from all 3 films (and say "they have a cave-troll" as much as possible). I also used to collect the pop trumps cards on the back of Smash Hits which were really good as they were top trump cards with lyrics on the back, amazing I know (also probably now collectors items). The take home message from this paragraph is basically I LIKE TOP TRUMPS and I am incredibly cool. I like top trump so much and am so cool that once I made my friend a pack of Nigella chocolate cake top trumps, obviously there are enough recipes for 30 cards.
This is the card, someone has actually put it on ebay, no bids yet amazingly.

I also like volcanoes, so something that combines the two such as volcano top trumps is fucking heaven. I've only actually had one game with them so far, which was a large game with about 6 people. I think I was the first person out (which has nothing to do with my volcano knowledge) but it was very exciting. I'm sure I'll win all the other games I play, there will be lots. I'm not sure what my favourite volcano top trump card is, some famous volcanoes like Eyjafjallaj√∂kull are shit cards so that also sways your opinion. Also I haven't got the pack with me so it's hard to say but Vesuvius is always a goodun.  The project is made by STREVA with actual volcanologists from the University of East Anglia and the University of Plymouth. The website is pretty great and informative too, you can see that the selecting of categories was taken very seriously which is something we applaud here at volcano club. The categories are height, unpredictability, wow! factor, deadliness (best one), explosivity and devastation potential. I know wow! factor seems like an unscientific, vague category but you're wrong it's very scientific. It was done using paired comparisons (you see science) but all this is on the website where you can also order a pack of volcano top trumps. I'll let you know how my future games go.

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