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Wednesday, 8 January 2014

Volcanic New Year Resolutions

SHIT. I just realised I haven't done a post since fucking April, that's literally ages ago. And I have done stuff since then but nothing big enough to stop me from volcano clubbing (I hate using blog as a verb so think I will use club from now on, which has loads of great connotations). I think it's like when you mean to contact a friend and then don't and then it becomes embarrassing that you haven't done it for so long so you never do, I'm sure I have many friends in various stages of this pattern. So sorry lads. But my second new year rezzy is to do all the shit I say I'm gonna do, which involves ticking EVERYTHING off my to do lists and not saying I'm gonna do shit I'm obviously not gonna do. My other resolutions are to 1. appear more enthusiastic (I'm generally quite inwardly enthusiastic) 3. feel less guilty about spending money/having fun (but still the same amount of money but definitely have more fun) 4. spend more time at the ocean. Guess the one I made when I was drunk?! I'm pleased with them all hence posting them. The really good thing is that not having clubbed (much better) for so long I've got loads of great shit to write about, mainly because I made a new zine, went to Indonesia and everybody else is really into volcanoes now (not sure how I feel about that).

there are gonna be more pictures like this which I actually took at actual volcanoes

So anyway instead of doing a proper post I'm just gonna write a list of things I will club about in the near future. I'm doing this because then I have to do them because you can't break resolutions in January and also hopefully the list will be so exciting that everyone will be well into Volcano Club.  
1. New Zine (actually 2 zines - eruption and dormancy)
2. Volcano Top Trumps (made by actual Top Trumps not me)
3. Climbing Mount Ijen (twice)
4. Climbing Mount Bromo
5. Indonesia in General
6. Indonesian forestry and volcanoes (the most exciting obviously)
7. Emma Stibbon
I think that's it, obviously I don't want to overexert myself. There will be probably be more stuff that comes up and obviously volcanoes do actually keep erupting, so there is always new volcanic stuff. Setting myself a time limit would come under the saying I'm gonna do shit I'm not gonna part of my resolution so I won't do that. All I will say is that the new zine will be on the blog by the end of the week which is pretty easy so I'm setting myself a low bar (potential flaw in my resolution). Basically I'm gonna do lots of clubbing this year (hopefully in all three senses of the word) and it's gonna be great. It's because I've gotta write my thesis and I thought what better to accompany sitting around for long periods writing shit no one care about really important scientific work than to sit around writing more shit no one cares about really important scientific work (resolution #1). The good thing about this blog is that I can just make stuff up so which I obviously can't do in my thesis so that will be a nice change. 
Also if anyone is reading and has any suggestions of stuff I can club about, if you haven't realised yet the link to volcanoes can be tenuous, then let me know.


  1. Bring back posh lass, I bladdi lava

  2. Mr Coffee! darling, is that you! I'm speaking from the grave through my medium Madame Groeda Weyrd, have you ever used her? she's fantastic darling! She tells me that one of my archived journal pieces will be in the next issue, I've never known her to be wrong, to prove her authenticity she told me some VERY intimate details about previous lovers - thinking about which I'm sure could stir me from my marble tomb. Wonderful to hear from you, remember Berlin! Yours Roxy xx