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Saturday, 10 November 2012

Exciting Present from Etna

Absolutely ages ago, I got sent a really nice present from my friend Emma (a long term supporter of the Volcano Club) who had just been to Sicily. Like the good friend and volcano supporter she is she bought me a lovely postcard and present.

As you can see from the postcard the post got slightly damaged on the trip from Italy to Sweden via England and possibly France? This is because the aforementioned lovely present got broken, probably due to Italy's corrupt infrastructure. IT WAS A BRACELET MADE FROM ETNA ROCK! This is written in capitals because it combines two of my favourite things ever - jewellery and volcanoes. I know that on this blog I do say quite a lot of things are my favourite things ever but fuck off I'm just an enthusiastic person.

This is all that's left of the lovely bracelet but I do have rocks from Etna which is amazingly great. As I have moved since receiving the letter I'll probably keep finding bits of Etna in my stuff, which will be really exciting if I don't mistake it for gravel. Finding gravel isn't fun. But anyway it's quite funny because I made up some volcano jewellery in one the zines (which I made when I lived with Emma, freaky shit). 

It's becoming quite common that stuff I make up for Volcano Club are actually real things like cooking with volcanoes. This is a bit disappointing  but it's how Armando Iannucci must feel soon after every episode of the thick of it is aired. 

But anyway thanks Emma, it was a lovely present and I'm very pleased to have Etna fragments in my life- who wouldn't be. 

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