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Sunday, 15 May 2011

Things I have seen about volcanoes today.

There have been a couple of things I've seen today related to volcanoes, non of them very exciting. Maybe due to my sheer disappointment that there were NO volcano related songs in the eurovision I'm looking for volcanoes more than ever. I do not count Jedwards hair as volcanic, just ridiculous. The first thing is the current volvic advert, which to be honest is pretty crap and just has a grassy volcano erupting water. A youtube search discovered this gem which I vaguely remember from a couple of years ago and is firm proof that volvic should stick to adverts about volcanoes, not dancing babies as that was just weird. This volcano is called George by the way, which I think is a nice name for a volcano. 

My dad text me about the second volcanic event which was Alberto Contador winning a Giro d'Italia stage at Mount Etna. Ever since seeing Contador winning the tour de France I've been a big fan of his cycling so I'm delighted he won this volcanic stage. It looks pretty great too.


  1. Not a fan of the volvic advert guss – don’t sell out man!

    A good example of volcanoes in popular culture might be the aptly named 1997 blockbuster ‘ VOLCANO.’

    It’s a bit like the 1974 classic ‘TOWERING INFERNO’ except it’s really terrible and features Tommy Lee Jones in place of Steve Mcqueen. It’s set in LA where this big ol firey mess comes out of a lake to gobble up the whole city. Anyway Tommy saves the day, and everyone just looks back and laughs about it all.


  2. Sorry man I just see things about volcanoes and wanna comment ya know. But I'm painting lots of volcanoes at the moment, you might like that more.

    Yeah I know about this film but I have been informed of how dreadful it is and I find it hard to see things that put down the good name of volcanoes. but maybe i can just look back and laugh about it all.