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Tuesday, 4 November 2014

Hawaiian volcanoes, Hawaiian eruptions and Hawaii big island.

In Hawaii there is currently a volcano related disaster. This is the slow moving trail of lava from the volcano Kilauea which is located on Hawaii's biggest island, called Hawaii big island. The volcano has been erupting for a really long time (since before I was even born) in a not very violent eruption this type of eruption is called Hawaiian (volcano terminology can be very easy). The reason it is such a disaster is that the lava is travelling towards a town, however as the lava is so slow moving and the eruption has been going on so long people say that this was inevitable. The videos are pretty cool and scary but also make Hawaii look lovely, the video of lava reaching the ocean is just incredible.

Kilauea is thought to be the body of Pele so my theory is that he's still really fucking angry about the state of Brazilian football (hahaha). On a more serious note, the nature of Hawaiian eruptions means that damage is relatively low which obviously isn't much of a comfort if your home and land is being destroyed.

I will try and write a longer post but I working full time which is leaving me fucking knackered. 

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