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Thursday, 14 July 2011

About Sicilian Luddites

Etna erupted again a few days ago, it has been pretty active all year and has erupted 5 times so far. The latest eruption was pretty unremarkable in that it was fairly small and Strombolian, I think most of Etna's eruptions are (although I can't be bothered to check this fact so if you also can't be bothered then just believe it). Like most eruptions that happen nowadays it closed some airport, but these days who cares about flying anyway. However this eruption also did something way more exciting, apparently after the eruption Sicilians were actually on time for work they become suspicious. Sicilian luddites continued to be around 15 minutes late for work. The break in routine was due to all digital clocks being set quarter of an hour fast which was after the volcano's eruption so if you have an analogue clock you're fine (hence the luddite reference). Analogue clocks were not affected so that would be pretty annoying if you were meeting a friend and they had a digital clock and you had an analogue and they kept being late because of the volcano. I bet this ruined friendships. While I like to think that the is due so some sorta magic tephra it's actually because clocks don't actually measure just an event or something, but thats a bit scientific and boring. As it's too boring I'm going to pretend that its due to the digital mechanisms having to speed up to counteract the viscosity  of the lava. I'm not totally sold on this theory so please let me know if you have any better ideas.

This post is the start of the rebirth of this blog which although has only been dormant for a month I feel it's been significant so hopefully like Vesuvius in the 20s it will start to spew lava again (Vesuvius went through a period of inactivity and then erupted loads).

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