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Saturday, 16 April 2011

Volcano Dates

Those of you who have read the latest issue of Volcano Club will know that a volcano lonely hearts column has been set to try and find love for all the lonely volcanoes out there. And we have had some luck for the lovely Kolumbo who will hopefully going on a date very soon. Here's the correspondence so far and remember to email augusta.ward@hotmail.co.uk if you too like any of our singles featured.

Sir Trotter, 12.04.11, 17:28:
Oh wise knower of all things volcano, please tell me more about this mysterious Thera. I love a good yarn, and finding Atlantis would just be aces. Think of all that fabulouso Atlantean jewelry. 

Augusta, 12.04.11, 22:04:

Dear Sir Trotter

Thank you very much for your interest in one of our singles.
Thera is actually the nickname of one of our stunning volcanoes, he is actually called kolumbo but due to the most destructive event in his history, we called him thera. This event was similar to the famous vesuvius eruption in that it buried an entire civilisation. read more here http://volcano-club.blogspot.com/2010/06/volcano-of-week-1-thera.html
Today he spends most of his time underwater, so perfect if you too love the aquatic life! While he has calmed down in recent years he can still be very active, I guarantee that you will have fun with this one. 
I have taken the liberty of attaching some pictures, I hope they entice you further.
Let me know if you like a more personal meeting, I look forward to meeting you.

Kind Regards, Augusta 

Sir Trotter, 12.04.11, 22:15:
Dear Ms Augusta,

Can I just say, he is smokin' (pardon the pun). I especially like the second picture of him, very artistic. He looks like he will be quite a handful, which is how I like 'em. And a lover of the deep blue sea, nothing could be better!

A personal meeting is definitely a must, if you could be so kind as to arrange it.

Best wishes, Sir Trotter

Augusta, 13.04.11, 19:34
Dear Sir Trotter,

I am very glad you like what you see and yes he can be a bit of a live wire! Occasionally emotionally but only because he's so passionate. 
We are a Manchester based firm, will you be in the area soon? If so I would be delighted to arrange something for you two lovebirds.

Best wishes,

I will inform everybody of just how the saucy meeting goes. 

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