Volcano Club

Volcano Club only offers one type of membership - and that's lifetime. To become a member send some volcanic themed work to the HQ (volcanoclubhq@gmail.com) and you might get a codename or some other cool shit.

Thursday, 27 May 2010


Due to the overwhelming response to the new Volcano Club magazine and the fact that suggestions for future features are already flooding in (including the volcanoes that turned Indonesia Muslim and wiped out the Minoan civilisation); membership has now been reopened. Originally to become a member you had to draw a volcano to my exact specification however realising this is slightly restrictive the criteria have been widened. All you have to do is sent in some volcano related stuff- be it pictures or words. These will then help me to create the magazine and blog. As Proof of membership, I will issue every member with a code name.

Please email you work to augusta.ward@hotmail.co.uk

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